Check Out Carol's Article about staying healthy and fit during the cold winter months! Included are her Top Five list of Great Things to Start.

Faith and Fitness Magazine The article is entitled "Alt-Ex: We Wish you a Merry Workout!"

"Winter is a great season for change and rejuvenation and we can follow the flow of the seasons to give our bodies, minds and spirits a tune-up.' - Carol

Also, be sure to visit a wonderful site the my friend Lisa VanWye has started to honor caregivers: Lisa has created a medallion that perfectly showcases the part of faith and love in caring for others that are sick and needy. The site includes caregiver stories and is very inspirational! I have been given the privilege of writing a Wellness column for the site and my first article is now online. Read about how stress effects us under ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. It's especially important to make healthy choices for body, soul and spirit when times are difficult and we feel like we're at the end of our ropes!


Living the Conscious Life

For the past eighteen years, I have been privileged to work with clients from many walks of life, from movie stars to secretaries, recording artists to stay-at-home moms. The amazing power of physical touch has opened hearts and minds to me as well and one thing I've found out is that life can be a real struggle, whether you have a lot of money or a little, whether everyone knows who you are or your circle of influence is small.

Even as our journeys are different, our needs are pretty similar: the need for significance, companionship and spiritual connectedness and the need for direction and incentive to make lasting changes in our lives. Stress works against our need for positive life changes as well as constantly feeling "imperfect" by comparing ourselves to whatever society presents as the "ideal." This leads to disappointment, disillusionment and burn out. We try so hard to fix up the outside and forget to nurture our minds, hearts and spirits.

To be healthy and whole means living in a "conscious" state: breathing in every moment, situation and person, giving each the attention it deserves, and being truly grateful for the gift of life. God has ordained our lives to be lived, really lived, and not something just to get through on a day-to-day basis. How much time do we waste just holding our breath, waiting around for something great to happen or someone else to change or for a final reward at the very end of life? We should expect a lot more from ourselves in creating better lives here and now...

The power to change is contained in knowledge and desire. Living a more healthy, balanced and conscious life is not brain surgery, and it's not rocket science; it is simply applying basic information that many of us were never taught growing up, have been too busy to learn or we're just in a state of denial that any of this matters. The practical, basic thoughts and strategies I share with clients and audiences can help anyone achieve a greater quality of life.

The desire for change comes from within you and it is greatest in those who have experienced failure. Wherever you find yourself today in your journey towards wholeness, the most important thing I want you to know is that your past does not define you. Failure is only a method for showing us that we're moving in the wrong direction or that we should look at a problem differently; it holds no more power than we give it.

If you're feeling weak and hopeless and totally imperfect, remember that the One who gave you life doesn't expect perfection and certainly doesn't require it before He will help you. He just honors your trying.

Go make it a great day!