Carol Buckley Frazier is a highly-skilled freelance make-up and hairstylist based in the Nashville production community. With 20 years experience, Carol is adaptable to all media forms and is experienced in conventional and airbrush make-up with a style that is clean and consistent. She is also continually updating her skills to reflect trends and industry standards. Carol has had the pleasure of working with many great music artists, directors and photographers and always brings the same enthusiasm and teamwork attitude to every project. Every client is treated with a professional and caring attitude, no matter who they are.

“My job is a joy! My goal with every client is to put them at ease and bring out their best look so they can do their job confidently. Doing makeup is an art and a skill, but it’s also a responsibility. Someone is putting their trust in me and that is something I take seriously. And it’s also a lot of fun –for them and me!” -- Carol Buckley Frazier