NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Carol Buckley Frazier has been personally involved in health pursuits since her teen years and has been professionally involved in the area of fitness instruction for the past 20 years. A list of associated teaching facilities includes the Nissan Wellness Center, Exercise Plus, Baptist Health and Fitness Center, Steps, Inc. and the YMCA.

Constantly updating her skills is a priority and she participates in numerous workshops and certifications yearly. She is Pro-CPR and First Aid certified, an AFAA instructor, a NSCA Personal Trainer and a certified Spinning Instructor and has taken extensive training in post-rehab for joints and disease-specific techniques. She interfaces regularly with Physical Therapists and doctors and does thorough research when faced with new challenges. Carol is also a public speaker and leads educational workshops for women and adolescents addressing integrated wellness issues.

With an emphasis on personalized, one-on-one instruction and client education, her areas of expertise include fine-tuning and strengthening of upper and lower body, specialized core training, pre- and post-natal fitness, cross-training, sports-specific training for adult and teenage athletes, periodization and stretching and relaxation techniques, including yoga and Pilates.

Experienced with all types of equipment and aerobic activities, Carol motivates her clients to reach their own personal goals with a vision of what improved health and fitness can help them achieve such as weight loss, a stronger heart, disease prevention and greater emotional and mental well-being. Safety of movement and body alignment are also major aspects of her client training as well as simple and basic nutritional guidance.