Her style is natural, consistent and fast.  All of that is important when you have a production to keep on schedule.

          Maureen Ryan, Producer "The Road," High Five Productions

When I'm shooting a photo session, the last thing I want to worry about is the make-up.  Carol has simplified my life.  Her work is simply seamless.

          Ben Pearson, Photographer

You never have to wait for her - the talent is ready before you call for them.

          Clarke Gallivan, Producer, Ruckus Films

Carol is great on set...always close and ready when you need her.

          Russ Harrington, Photographer

The talent always looks great and Carol is always a pleasure to have around on the set.

          Jim May, Director, Ruckus Films

I have worked with Carol on a dozen or more assignments.  Her work ethic is very professional and she is extremely talented.  It's always been a pleasure working with her.

          Wolf Hoffmann, Photographer

It's a great experience to work with Carol.  She's professional and brings ideas to the table.  She's also not afraid to pull back and let the artist have an opinion.

          Janice Azrak, Warner Bros. Records

Thanks so much for the great hair and makeup on that Long Saturday a few weeks back. The client is thrilled and it was a pleasure spending the day with you. I look forward to more opportunities to hire you in the future.

          Jay Smith, Juice Box Designs

Thank you so much for all your help! You certainly give someone that "Star Image."

          Rob Collier, Collier Music

On behalf of all the member of the “Turning Point” team, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your attention to detail and the excellent job you always do for us during our production time in Nashville. We thoroughly enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the privilege of working together with such a great team of professional media people.

          Victor B. Oladokun, Producer, Turning Point

“I have been working with Carol for the last few years on several CBN Worldreach shows. She has
great talent communication skills and always makes them feel comfortable and at ease in her chair. This is a great skill as we work with several different nationalities and cultures. Carol always does her best to make their television appearance as flawless
and as clean as possible.”

         Mitch Pryor, Production Coordinator, Northstar Studios

When its time to look great for my cameras, Carol makes a huge contribution with her talent as a stylist and make-up artist! Even more important to me is her bright disposition, huge heart, warm conversational style and the ability to put my client at ease on set so we get great pictures or film.

          Jimmy Abegg, Photographer