From the very first time I met Carol, I knew she would have some real answers for our family. My daughters and I share a genetic weak link in our spinal column and after an initial assessment, Carol was able to understand the direction of the accompanying physical therapy at the time, and construct a training program to enhance it. Carol is a real "people person." She immediately puts her clients at ease, combining her vast knowledge of the human body with her charming manner and sense of humor.  She administers her training methods in a thoroughly comprehensive program, fusing exercise, therapy and nutrition. She was especially helpful to our teenage daughters in answering their questions and concerns about exercise, stress and fatigue, and giving them routines and accompanying written materials to address all three arreas.

          Becky Campbell, mother of two teenage clients


Carol looks beyond the obvious, to your individual age, body and goals. She suggested that I go from a routine I had had for too many years to one of free weights, bands, medicine balls, with less weight and more reps. Now I enjoy the new workout and check back with her from time to time which gives the feeling of having a personal trainer all the time.

          John Darnall, Age 59, composer, producer


Carol is an inspiration - she absolutely lives the principles of integrated wellness - challenging me to honor my own personal goals and objectives with respect to fitness of the mind, body and spirit.

          Marianne Bouldin


Carol Frazier put together an exercise program for me that deals with the loss of muscle tone and flexibility that accompanies aging. I could never have devised this program without her assistance. As a result, I feel better and move with greater flexibility than before.

Carol is not only the consummate professional but also has a cheerful and open personality that converts clients into friends. I recommend her without qualification.

          Dr. Ben Bolch


Carol has quite simply changed my life. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and was beginning to feel stiff most of the time.
Carol has worked with me for several months twice a week - stretching, balance, weights , something for every part of my body. My doctors have noticed the improvement in my movement, and I feel wonderful and even have increased energy. Training with Carol is the best thing I have done for myself in years.

         Anne Bolch


Thank you! I am excited about my new workouts! You are so good at what you do!

         Tiffany Long

Carol is an amazing trainer. She has creatively managed to keep me engaged and healthy for the past 5 years. This is no easy feat. I have a significant neck injury that causes pain, especially with exercise. In her caring and conscientious manner, Carol has devised routines that have been fun and safe. She has remained vigilant to any signs of discomfort and has adjusted the routines accordingly. Her careful and gentle persistence have enabled me to strengthen. My neck pain and physical limitations have lessened. Most importantly, however, I appreciate Carol's focus on the "whole person." By tending to the mind, body and spirit, she is a true healer.

         Jill Debona