Carol Buckley Frazier has spent the last 20 years studying wellness issues and applying this knowledge to helping others in their quest for healthier and more satisfying lives. Through her various occupations as a free-lance make-up artist/hair stylist, musician and personal trainer, Carol has used this knowledge to touch thousands.

Originally from a small town in Kentucky, Carol moved to Nashville, TN as a seventeen year-old with dreams of becoming a music star. In her compulsive drive towards perfection as a young woman, Carol found herself struggling with bulimia, low self-esteem and the incessant need to please others. Determined to change her life when physical illness began interfering with her ability to perform as a singer, Carol became a serious student of nutrition, physical fitness and spiritual and emotional health. Her studies led her to understand that vibrant health is a balance between body, soul and spirit. It was then that she began to find personal healing and new avenues of creative expression.

This integrated or holistic view of health further inspired her to develop her own keynote topics and Lifecues workshop materials, which she has shared with groups around the U.S. These simple and practical strategies for achieving vitality and wholeness are designed to empower individuals to make permanent changes in lifestyle. With the gift of simplicity, compassion and humor, Carol honors her listeners by emphasizing that no matter where they are at the moment, even basic steps such as drinking more water or taking a few moments to do deep breathing for stress-relief will bring renewed clarity and health. Carol's philosophy is simple: It is in the power of thoughtful, daily choices that conscious and satisfying lives are lived. LifeCues is not another short-term program, it is "lessons for life."