LifeCues - Practical Strategies for Healthy Living

LifeCues is a God-centered program for achieving wholeness in body, soul and spirit.

LifeCues can be presented in a 10-week class format or, for the purposes of retreats or conferences, in three to five 45 or 90-minute sessions. Topics and contents include

     The Perfect 7 - The seven essential components                                     of vibrant health 

     Functional Fitness - A Plan for Life - The essentials of                                posture, muscular balance, cardio                                      exercise, flexibility, and daily activity

     Cutting Out Negative Self-Talk

     Food 101/Key Elements of a Balanced Eating Plan

     O Blessed Sleep, Wherefore Art Thou

     Modern Society and Low Self-Concept

     The Mirror Image/ The Mother-Daughter Connection

     The Only Diet System that Leads to Permanent                Weight Loss

     The Breath of Life

     Stress Busters

     The Power of Apology

     Dreaming Big!

     The Proverbs 31 woman